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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dr. Laura

Dr. Laura Schlessinger has apologized afterwards a abominable bluster on her radio appearance this anniversary during which she said the n-word 11 times over the advance of 5 minutes.

In chat Tuesday with a atramentous changeable addition who was accusatory about her white husband's racist accompany and their use of the word, Schlessinger said:

Black guys use it all the time. Turn on HBO and accept to a atramentous comic, and all you apprehend is n****, n*****, n*****. I don't get it. If anybody afterwards abundant melanin says it, it's a abhorrent thing. But if atramentous humans say it, it's affectionate. It's actual confusing.

LISTEN (via MediaMatters):

After a break, the addition said she was afraid by Schlessinger's use of the word.

"Oh, afresh I assumption you don't watch HBO or accept to any atramentous comedians," she said. "My dear, the point I am aggravating to make...we've got a atramentous man as admiral and we've got added accusatory about racism than ever. I anticipate that's hilarious."

Schlessinger and the addition afresh got into an barter about the use of the word:

CALLER: Is it OK to say that word? Is it anytime OK to say that word?

DR. LAURA: It depends how it's said. Atramentous guys talking to anniversary added assume to anticipate it's ok.

CALLER: But you're not black, they're not black, my bedmate is white.

DR. LAURA: Oh, I see, so a chat is belted to race. Got it. Can't do abundant about that.

CALLER: I can't accept anyone like you is on the radio spewing out the n***** word, and I achievement everybody heard it.

DR. LAURA: I didn't barf out the n***** word!

CALLER: You said "n*****, n*****, n*****" and I achievement everybody heard it.

DR. LAURA: Yes they did, and I'll say it again: n*****, n*****, n***** is what you apprehend on HBO.


DR. LAURA: Why don't you let me accomplishment a sentence? Don't yield things out of context. Don't NAACP me, leave them in context.

"If you're that acute about blush and don't accept a faculty of humor, don't ally alfresco of your race," Schlessinger said afterwards blind up with the caller.

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LISTEN (via MediaMatters):

She apologized the next day, aperture her appearance with an apology.

"Yesterday, I did the amiss thing," she said. "I didn't intend to aching people, but I did. And that makes it the amiss affair to accept done. I was attempting to accomplish a abstract point, and I articulate the "n" chat all the way out - added than one time. And that was wrong. I'll say it afresh - that was wrong."

Schlessinger said she "was so agitated [she] could not accomplishment the show."
"I pulled myself off the air at the end of the hour," she said. "I had to accomplishment the hour, because 20 account of asleep air doesn't work. I am actual sorry. And it just will not appear again."

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