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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

kristina hensley

Kristina Hensley is abaft confined today afterwards killing a man with her car this accomplished weekend.

Strange headline, right? Trust us if we say we were not assured to address this adventure either. News is overextension throughout Cincinnati suburbs today as authorities say an alien ballerina by the name of Kristina Hensley, afresh addled and dead 31-year-old Jae Cho with her car as she was abrogation a clandestine appearance this weekend.

Apparently something actively amiss went down at the clandestine appearance causing Hensley to leave so quickly. Cho reportedly followed her and concluded up continuing in foreground of her car as she larboard the area in Monroe, Ohio. Cho was said to accept been abject beneath the car for over two afar afore Hensley assuredly chock-full at a Shell gas station.

Read added on the adventure at today. The adventure charcoal beneath investigation, but this is absolutely a adventure to watch as Hensley has accounting herself a aboriginal chic admission to jail. This is the craziest affair we’ve heard all day.

Other than not getting paid upfront for her casework or getting physically and/or sexually assaulted at the clandestine show, what could possibly accept been so bad that Hensley would leave in such a blitz and annoyance this poor man to his afterlife for two miles? Be abiding to bell in by announcement your comments below.

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