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Saturday, August 28, 2010

pete bethune

Tonight was the season finale of Whale Wars and like many, I was left wondering what came of Pete Bethune after he was sentenced to 2 years in Japanese prison?

Well, the Captain of the Ady Gil and Sea Shepherd protester finally came home.. After spending four months in the prison, and spending half a million dollars in legal fees, the sentence was suspended.

Bethune was taken back to Japan after boarding the Shonan Maru #2, a vessel that had sunk
his multi-million dollar speed boat, the Ady Gil, and nearly killed 6 crewmembers. I watch the show regularly and it was literally unbelievable to watch.

His objective was to confront Captain Hiroyuki Komura of the Japanese whaling vessel the Shonan Maru #2, for ruining his boat. Pete knew he risked prison for boarding the boat, but he did not care, and still has no regrets. When he arrived back in New Zeleand, he was greeted by his family, his wife Sharyn, and their two daughters, Danielle, 15, and Alycia, 13. Pete told reporters,

“The worst thing for me has been spending so much time away from my family…It is not easy being married to me, mate, it is more like being married without me.”

As for the next Sea Shepherd campaign?

“I made a commitment in court that I wouldn’t be going back but there are some other things that I can’t tell you about.”

Well, this season was much better than the previous, they seem to finally have some ideas that work and the additional ships definitely help.

I look forward to what next season will bring! What do you think about Pete Bethune, Ady Gil Captian and his Sea Shepherd involvement?

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